Dress Code

 Our Dress Code reflects the values of respect for oneself and others as outlined in the Code of Conduct. This Dress Code was created in collaboration with Students, Staff and Families. It is designed to assist parents/guardians and students in selecting appropriate clothing for active participation in school life. The Dress Code is in effect at school, on the bus and when on a field trip or at a school related event.

Appropriate dress for school requires an uninterrupted line of clothing covering the body from the top of the shoulders to mid-thigh.

More specifically:

No tops or pants that expose the midriff, back or undergarments (boxer shorts, bra straps, etc.).

No spaghetti straps.

No flip flops (for safety indoors and out). Separate shoes for indoor and outdoor wear will be used; athletic shoes will be worn for gym with non-marking soles, please. Bedroom slippers are not considered appropriate footwear for school.

Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside (exceptions regarding some headwear may be granted by the principal for medical conditions or religious beliefs consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

Clothing must be free of language or images that promote alcohol or other harmful substances for school age children.

Clothing must be free of any language or images that are suggestive of hate, racism, sexual or violent actions.

In winter due to a 40 minute lunchtime outdoor recess students will require a coat, snow pants, hat, mittens, winter boots (no scarves – again for safety reasons).

In summer, lighter clothing such as shorts/skirts, light pants and a T-shirt are encouraged due to the fact that the school is not air conditioned. Sunscreen for outdoor play is also encouraged.

All students are expected to comply with the School Dress Code. If a student’s attire does not meet the expectations outlined in the Dress Code, a staff member will privately discuss the expectations with the student, decide on a respectful solution and contact parents when a student repeatedly is unable to follow the code. Following this progressive discipline as outlined in the School Code of Conduct will be followed.